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Designing a balanced living or working environment is crucial for our general well-being. It improves our
quality of life and infuses our environment with harmony and positive energy. We can attain this
equilibrium by applying Vastu concepts in our workplaces and residences. Known by many as the Indian
science of architecture, Vastu provides rules for creating environments that balance natural
components. We'll discuss some typical Vastu home design recommendations in this blog post to assist
you in creating balanced spaces.

Let us examine the significance of vaastu in residential real estate.

Indian traditional knowledge, known as Vastu, is very important for building residential structures. This
is the primary motivation for M3M India's use of Vastu Sastra in project design, which enables incoming
inhabitants to sense the positive energy surrounding them. Vastu Shastra is based on the idea that a
property's occupants' prosperity and well-being can be significantly impacted by the architectural design
and placement of different components. It is therefore thought that creating a relaxing atmosphere for
living is an outcome of adhering to Vastu principles. It is impossible to exaggerate the significance of
Vastu in real estate. Individuals can create a conducive environment that promotes good energy,
improves well-being, and nurtures prosperity through the incorporation of Vastu guidelines into the
design and building of their M3M Golf Hills residential property.
One of the primary advantages of Vastu in residential structures is the good energy flow. Vastu holds
that certain orientations are lucky for particular areas within a home. For example, the master bedroom
should be facing southwest and the kitchen should face southeast. The flow of energy in the rooms can
be optimized by distributing items correctly, resulting in a sense of harmony and tranquillity within the
home. Another important aspect of Vastu in M3M Golf Hills Sector 79 residential property is its impact
on the residents' overall health and well-being.
Good ventilation, natural lighting and good furniture placement are all important parts of Vastu that
contribute to the well-being of the people who live on the property.

Best Vastu Advice for Homes:

i. Positioning of Entrance: In Vastu, the entrance's location is very important. Positive energy
enters an area when it is positioned well. The main door vastu recommends that the door be
oriented towards the north, east or northeast. This makes room for the most sunlight and
uplifting energy to enter. Therefore, keep the entry facing away from the south or southwest as
this may cause bad energy to enter the area.
ii. Room Operations: The M3M Golf Hills Gurgaon property features rooms that are Vastu-friendly
and have a designated purpose. Because they are linked to resilience and relaxation, your
home's bedrooms should be oriented towards the southwest. The living room is best oriented

towards the northeast, east or north, as this encourages pleasant circulation of energy and
social connections. Because the southeast and northwest are linked to the air and fire,
respectively, the kitchen must be oriented in these directions. You can obtain free Vastu
recommendations for your home by doing research or by consulting with M3M specialists.
iii. Colour Selections: When designing a room that is Vastu-friendly, colors are important. Every
color has a distinct effect on our feelings and energy and is linked to a particular element. For
instance, calming colors like green and blue are used in bedrooms to encourage peace and
relaxation. On the other hand, warm, lively colors in the living room, such as orange and red, can
encourage conversation and enthusiasm. It is crucial to select colors that complement the
room's intended use and energy flow.
iv. Placement of Furniture: Proper furniture placement is an important Vastu advice for a new
home. It is important to ensure that furniture does not block the room's natural energy flow.
Furniture in the middle of the room should be avoided as this can impede the positive energy
flow. It is advised to arrange furniture against the walls instead, leaving plenty of free space in
the center. Avoiding sharp-edged furniture and objects in living areas is also a good idea
because they could bring bad energy into the environment.
v. Clutter-Free Spaces: Eliminating clutter from your living areas is an essential component of
Vastu. Clutter can obstruct the natural flow of energy and exacerbate emotions of chaos and
disarray. You can allow positive energy to freely circulate throughout your environment by
keeping things tidy, orderly, and free of clutter. Regularly removing superfluous items from your
surroundings not only creates an aesthetically beautiful environment but also fosters a sense of
tranquillity and harmony within the space.
vi. Natural Components: Vastu design blends natural aspects into your home. Bring the outside
inside with plants, daylight, and clean air. Indoor plants not only improve air quality but also
provide greenery and liveliness to the environment. Furthermore, make the best use of natural
light by leaving windows open and utilizing sheer curtains. This facilitates the flow of positive
energy and fosters a peaceful environment.
vii. Art and Décor: Vastu places a lot of emphasis on art and décor. Select décor and artwork that
exudes harmony and beauty, as well as that evoke pleasant feelings. Don't hang artwork that
portrays despair, violence or other unpleasant feelings. Mirrors can also reflect positive energy
and give the impression of space when placed in the right locations.

In conclusion

To summarise, applying Vastu principles to your living or working environments can considerably
improve the quality of your life. A harmonious and Vastu-friendly environment may be created by
paying attention to details like strategically arranging the entrance, thinking through the purposes of

each room, picking furniture and colors wisely, clearing out clutter, adding natural elements and
carefully choosing art and décor. Aligning your space with the M3M Golf Hills Sector 79 Gurgaon
property’s principles will help to produce positive energy flow, harmony and well-being in your

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