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My First Hastakshyara Part-II Odia Book


My First Hastakshyara Part-II is an engaging and interactive book designed to facilitate the learning of the Odia alphabet for young readers. Building upon the foundation laid in the first installment, this book offers a continuation of the fun and educational journey into the world of Odia script.

In this second part of the series, children are introduced to new letters and concepts through colorful illustrations, simple explanations, and hands-on activities. From basic letter recognition to forming simple words and phrases, young learners are encouraged to actively participate in their language development, making learning a joyful and rewarding experience.

The book employs a systematic approach to teaching the Odia alphabet, progressively introducing new letters and phonetic sounds while reinforcing previously learned material. Through a series of engaging exercises, such as tracing practice, matching games, and word building activities, children are given the opportunity to practice and apply their newfound knowledge in a fun and supportive environment.

“My First Hastakshyara Part-II” is not just a book but a comprehensive learning tool that caters to the diverse needs of young readers, parents, and educators alike. With its interactive format and focus on hands-on learning, this book encourages children to actively engage with the material, fostering a love for language and literacy from an early age.

Whether used at home or in the classroom, My First Hastakshyara Part-II is a valuable resource for promoting language development, building vocabulary, and enhancing reading and writing skills in young learners. Join in the exploration of the Odia alphabet and witness the transformation as children embark on an exciting journey of learning and discovery.

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